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Payday Loans Tennessee

Payday lending industry is heavily regulated in the state of Tennessee. If you are in tough monetary phase, we understand your situation and strive to bring you the best available option of payday loans and installment loans in Tennessee. When it comes to money, borrowing may seem a favorable choice but choosing an affordable lending firm is the toughest task. Our smart search facility will help you to experience the customer-friendly financial service at ease.

Whenever an emergency strike and you budget falls short, our easy, efficient and confidential lending service will help you have an immediate relief. We feel proud to provide a helping hand at the critical time of the working class people of Tennessee. To have a quick additional cash to hold you over till your next payday, we are glad to help you. We are fully automatic. So, if you are a resident of Tennessee, quickly fill up a single application form with the genuine details to get the cash approval within the next business day.

Read on to educate yourself about the rates, terms, fees and loan amount of payday loans in Tennessee.

Loan Amount And Its Duration:

Residents of Tennessee are allowed to receive the loan amount of up to 1500 that can be paid till the arrival of next payday or 31 days.

APR, Interest Rates And Other Fees:

1. The annual percentage rate is 279.4 percent

2. 15% interest rate

3. $17.65 Finance charge on per $100

4. Lender charge $30 NSF Fee on per returned/bounced cheque

Extension On Loan:

The interest rate will be charged on daily basis on the total amount that you have borrowed. However, you just have to pay the interest rate for the time period that you have the loan balance.

The above mentioned information regarding loan amount, borrowing limits, rates and terms are regular by Tennessee state laws. We are certified lender providers and allow you to set a reliable lending service that matches with your requirement and budget. We follow the state laws and do not violate the regulations. For more information, visit the site of direct payday lenders in Tennessee.

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