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Payday Loans Ohio

Ohio comes out as a sore thumb in the payday lending industry and fall among the top ten states with the majority of payday lending stores. Despite of the fact that their interest states are on the lower side and terms are exceptionally long, the industry is constantly flourishing in the state. If you are a resident of Ohio and looking for the right lending option, you can visit us. We are specialized in providing speedy and authentic payday lending services in Ohio. We are absolutely easy to go. So, do not forget to give us a try!

It is quite true that payday loans provide an effective solution to your small or temporary financial woes. Borrowing payday loan is a legal practice in Ohio with the availability of nearly 1374 payday lending stores within the state. When it comes to the number of payday lending services operating in the state, Ohio ranks at the eighth position in the country.

Educate Yourself About Ohio Payday Lending Laws:

Loan Amount:

Payday loans in Ohio generally offer the maximum amount of up to $500. These funds are meant to help you make your monthly ends meet at ease.

Loan Duration:

The payday loan amount will typically be due till the arrival of next paycheck or the maximum duration of 31 days.

Cost Of Online Payday Loans In Ohio:

1. There is $25 CSO fee per $100 borrowed amount along with third part lender interest.

2. The APR is 676.81 percent

3. Collection fees is $20 NSF fee

One loan at a time is permitted and there are no extensions allowed. The state law of Ohio provide 60 day payment plan.

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