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Payday Loans In Colorado

Getting engaged in payday lending is permitted in Colorado. Payday loans or installment loans in Colorado is a quick-fix fiscal alternative to cover your unexpected expenses. We are having a family of direct lenders offering payday loans and installment loans in Colorado at better rates and friendly terms. We are pleased to provide you the suitable lending option to your temporary financial worries. We are licensed and reputed lender providers in Colorado to help you act responsibly while using your finances.

We encourage you to know the important details about installment payday loans in Colorado to make a correct move in the lending industry.

State The Rate And Terms Of Payday Loans In Colorado:

Loan Amount:

1. Residents of Colorado are allowed to receive the maximum loan amount of $500.
2. The loan is due till the time tenure of 6 months.

Rates And Fees:

Finance charges are $20 for per $100 for 14 days.

Extension Of Loan:

According to the lending law of Colorado, you can have only one loan at a time but are permitted for extension. Borrower can take another loan after the cool-off period of 10 days after paying off the previous loan amount in full after the duration of 6 months.

Important Note:

It is significant to note down that this loan is meant for short term emergency and should be paid off quickly and on agree date to avoid penalties such as NSF fees plus arbitration or attorney fees.

We are delighted to welcome you to make the most of our service and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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