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Payday Loans And Installment Loans In Oklahoma

In order to keep your financial life in a good shape and prevent the financial hardships till the arrival of your next paycheck, you might fall into need of additional funds. Payday loans and installment loans in Oklahoma are legal to help the residents to deal with their unexpected financial situations. When some unexpected expenses comes in the form of medical bills, home rent, car repairing bills etc., having the access of easy cash brings sustenance in life. We help you lend the money to get through till your next paycheck and pay it off when you receive your next payday.

We deal with 100 plus network of payday lenders in Oklahoma to help you get the suitable financial support when you need it the most. You can always head to us by filling up a single application form. We are available 24/7 at your service to help you receive the necessary funds in a quick, efficient and confidential way.

It is important to learn more about payday loans in Oklahoma by knowing its loan amount, duration, APR, Rates and fees.

Loan Amount And Its Duration:

1. Residents of Oklahoma are eligible to borrow $300 under payday loans and the maximum of it can be up to $500.

2. Generally the loan is due till the arrival of next payday or can be used for 45 days.

Interest Rates, APR And Fees:

1. Interest rates charged on this loan are not more than 15 percent for the amount of up to $300 and 10 percent on the funds ranges from $301 to $500.

2. The APR for a 14-day loan is 391.07% and the APR for a 30-day loan is 182.50%.

3.Finance charges are $15 for per $100. Collection fees are $25 NSF fee.

Extension on loan:

According to the lending law of Oklahoma, you need to pay off your loan in full on the due date. After you pay off the loan, you can re-apply for more cash waiting till 2nd business day of the completion of your earlier loan.


We are a licensed lender providers and work hard to maintain our status in the state. We offer the loan by following the fair and responsible lending practice. The above information is general and expected to be updated at anytime.

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