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Installment Loans

The Definition

Installment loans are Short Term Loans which are repaid with fixed multiple payments that can be scheduled from 3 months to 36 months or even more in some states. Installment loans are offered from $100 to $2500 depending upon your state of residence and number of loans you have earlier took and repaid. Repayment in installment loans is done through fixed amount bi-weekly or monthly payments. Installment loans allow you to repay loan over a longer loan term than typical payday loans. Some lenders can deposit cash up to $2500 directly into your bank account within 24 business hours.

The Use

Installment loans are useful in paying off emergency bills or a sudden expense by scheduling your repayments to only one payment at each payday and the loan term can be extended to up to 36 payments or even more in some cases. Please be responsible and take loans for amount that you can easily pay back on every scheduled payment date because some lenders might charge late fees and other charges if you miss on your payments and this might also affect your credit score.


The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the rate of interest for the Installment loan amount. The APR depends on state regulations, personal eligibility and repayment terms. Installment loans APR might also vary with different lenders in same states. Please refer Rates and Terms for more details. Depending upon the state rules, a lender can charge APR in the range from 36% to 700% depending upon the amount and period of loan. After the application is processed on our website, Please check the APR information carefully before signing the loan agreement with any lender or broker.

What We Offer

The Loans Point provides a loan search platform where your installment loan requirements are matched with our nationwide network of installment loan lenders and brokers thereby increasing the chances of being accepted by participating lenders. The Loans Point has alliance with more than 100 lenders that can help you in searching a suitable and affordable loan options. We are 100% devoted towards making your loan searching process more convenient and less time consuming.

How to Apply?

Just complete our 3 minutes application form to apply for online installment loans and get instant online decision in minutes. Complete for our 100% online no obligation form and get approved today! Usually, installment loans does not require credit check and no faxing of documents is required but some lenders might perform a credit check depending upon your loan amount and loan term. Please, read the terms and conditions on the loan agreement carefully before accepting any loan offers from the lenders.

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