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Complaints Policy

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Complaints Policy

It is our policy at The Loans Point to respond to every customer’s complaint, disputes and issues and take them seriously. We value customer satisfaction. Feel free to share with us your experience, good or bad. If you are satisfied with our services, we would be pleased if you spread the word.

All feedback’s are important to us. We do not intend to burden our customers with lengthy documentations or paperwork. Simply Contact Us whenever you need to submit us a complaint. Any complaint forwarded to us will be directed to the appropriate functional area. We will review them and respond to you right away.

There is no need to provide us any personal information when contacting us. As per our complaints and dispute resolution policy, we will respond to any complaint within 45 days. However, we will try our best to respond as earliest as possible. During the complete procedure we will keep you informed about the progress of your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the provided response then feel free to resubmit us your complaint. We will reconsider it and evaluate it all over again. Make sure to provide complete detail of your complaint every time you contact us. Also specify the best time to contact you and the mode of communication you prefer so that we can reach you with ease.