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  • Installment Loans

    Installment Loans

    Get fast cash and pay back in easy repayments! Installment loans are designed to provide you with sufficient cash and make it easy for you to successfully repay the loan at the same time. Simply complete an online application with a few basic details and get started right away. It is a quick, easy and smart way to borrow cash! Learn More

  • Payday Loans

    Payday Loans

    Why wait for payday when you can apply for payday loans during emergency? Get these loans and make a smart choice! Designed to bridge cash shortage between two paydays, these loans are easy to qualify and have less formalities. Our smart search facility will help you get matched with reputed lenders and increase your chance of finding the loan deal that fulfills your requirement.Learn More

  • Title Loans

    Title Loans

    Use the title of your car to apply for title loans! Upon approval get fast cash right into your bank account and keep driving your vehicle as well. Keep in mind your personal needs and requirements and utilize our easy search solution to find an affordable loan option. Use our simple application to get approved today. Get the cash against your car title deposited right into your bank account.Learn More

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Finding quick cash is a tough task and The Loans Point understands your situation, that’s why we have provided a smart search solution for finding a affordable loan options keeping in mind your personal needs and requirements. Get approved today for a payday loan or an installment loan with our short and simple application. Get your loan now!

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“Quick, Easy and Smart” These three words describe our services.

“QUICK” The Loans Point helps you in finding affordable payday loan and installment loan options within 3 minutes! It takes only 3 minutes to complete our single page application form!

“EASY” Applying for a short term cash loan either payday loan or installment loan is easy with our 100% online application process that does not require faxing any documents!

“SMART” The Loans Point has alliance with nationwide lenders and brokers providing affordable short term loans and we have designed a smart search facility that matches your loan requirements with the reputed lenders and brokers thereby increasing your chances of getting accepted by multiple lenders in your state.

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What We Offer

The Loans Point has solutions for your short term cash shortfall problems. You can apply for payday loans if you need a small loan up to $1500 that can be paid on your next salary/wage day. For more information about payday loans please visit payday loans. You can also apply for an installment loan if you need a loan of up to $25000 or you want to repay using fixed scheduled bi-weekly or monthly payments. For more information about installment loans please visit installment loans.

Most states have different rules for payday loans and installment loans. Please refer Rates and Terms for more information regarding loan amount, loan terms, interest charges and fees, penalties etc. You can choose from any type of loan (as per the availability in your state of residence) that suits your requirement and repayment capability. Please borrow responsibly and take short term cash loans if you can repay in short period of time. Lenders might charge late fees or other charges if you miss on your loan repayments.

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  • Credit Score Impact

    Credit Score Impact

    At The Loans Point, we do not make any credit decision nor do we conduct the credit inquiry on applicants seeking cash advance. But the lenders associated with us may conduct the credit check with to determine your eligibility. It is notable that if you don’t make the payment on right time then lender may report this delinquency to the credit bureaus that affect your credit score negatively. Thus, we encourage people with credit issues to consult credit counseling company beforehand.

  • Renewal Policy

    Renewal Policy

    The policy of renewal is chiefly governed by the State Regulatory Legislation. This option is presented to you by your lender prior accepting the loan service. Thus, please diligently read the policy before signing the loan document. Short term finances are meant to use for short duration so repay the amount in full to avoid facing late payment or nonpayment fees. In case, you suspect that you can’t make the lump sum payment, it is recommended to explore the loan alternative that suits your situation.

  • Collection Practices

    Collection Practices

    The Loans Point is not engage in any sort of debt collection practice. You can learn about the collection practice of your lender through the loan document provided to you by the loan provider. In case, you are unsure about the collection practice of your lender, you must discuss the issue directly with the lender. It is notable that we make high efforts to work with the established and reputed lender that pursue collection on due accounts with far conduct.